4The Colington Harbour Association is happy to report that emergency dredging of the inlet channel is now complete. The graphic below represents Colington Harbour Inlet dredging depths recorded June 30th, 2015, showing soundings mid-channel and approximately 8” from both new jetties. These depths were graciously recorded by Steve Ornstein, Dennis Donaldson and Bob Burk.

Additionally, the association recently received reimbursement for a portion of the storm damage repair, dredging and jetty extension costs from the state grant administered by Dare County and applied for by the 2012 CHA Board. A special thank you goes out to the Board, its then President Ken Pagurek and former Treasurer John Collins who followed up on the grant over the ensuing three years with Jenny Gray Jones the Dare County Project Manager for Waterways and Grants.

Likewise, a special thank you goes out not only to Jenny but also the 2012 Dare County Board of Commissioners; Warren Judge – Chairman, Richard Johnson, Allen Burrus, Virginia Tillett, Max Dutton, Jack Shea and Robert Woodard as well as the 2015 Board of Commissioners; Robert Woodard – Chairman, , Wally Overman, Warren Judge, Jack Shea, Allen Burrus, Beverly Boswell and Margarette Umphlett.

This concerted effort helped us recover from the damages caused by Hurricane Irene and enabled us to complete the jetty extension. Thank you for your cooperation during the closure of the inlet. Please remember to always be safe and alert on the water, Happy Boating!

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