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Welcome to Colington Harbour!

The Harbour Headlines will no longer be published because of the cost, lack of advertising and other methods of getting information to our residents. Information is sent by E-Blasts (Emails), our Facebook page, and our website ( ). If you do not receive the E-Blasts please call the Office with your E-mail address and ask to by added to the list.


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-2019-2020 CHA President’s Annual Report – See details below

-2020 BOD Election Results

Congratulations to our new Board members, David Creecy and Daniel Hoggard, elected by the CHA membership to serve on the Board of Directors for Colington Harbour. Both will serve a term of 3 years.


We have decided to keep our office open to the public, while attempting to conduct as much business as possible through email and phone. We will continue to limit the visits to one person at a time. If anything can be handled via phone please call us at 252-441-5886 or email us at:


The current round of dredging is over, however, due to a recent change in datum elevation (vertical benchmark from which to measure dredging depth) imposed by CAMA, we have a controlling depth of 6 feet only at mean high water (MHW). Expect depths of 5 feet or less in some spots at mean low water (MLW). For reference, MHW level is close to the top level of discoloration on bulkheads and pilings.
The next round of dredging in the fall will be based on the historically correct vertical datum which will allow us to increase the current depth by 1.2 feet.
To minimize shoaling inside the channel, the green day board # 1 and supporting structure are being moved slightly SSW from the current location and the red #2 day board structure slightly SSE.
To clearly mark the edges of the channel as a sharper dogleg is being introduced, additional pilings are being installed between the outer markers and the ends of the jetties. (See map below)

Important Reading

We are having many issues at the gate, with vehicles in the left lane, not yielding to the vehicles in the right lane. If you use the left lane, you MUST STOP at the gate house, then yield to any vehicles in the right lane before proceeding. Please tell any visitors, friends, family visiting. This is for everyone’s safety.

Click here to visit the Colington Harbour Marketplace – A new (and free) Service for Harbour residents!

Well, this certainly is a spring to remember!

As we “stay at home” and contemplate the future, many of us have taken this time to bond with family members and clean out closets. As a result, we now have piles of items we need to throw away. Some items will need to be disposed of properly, while other items could be of value and use to someone else. Whether you are looking to sell these items or just give them away, why not consider listing them on the CHA Marketplace? It’s easy and FREE!!
This is not a yard sale – groups of people will not be arriving at your doorstep. You and the buyer decide on how to exchange the items.

To begin, just click on the sentence above.

A place for CHA members (lot owner(s) to advertise items for sale, items wanted, services offered, or services needed. Unlike many other sites, this site will be monitored, and all ads will be screened prior to being listed.

2020 SCHEDULE OF CHA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETINGS (All meetings are held at the CH Clubhouse)

January February 1/14 @ 9 am 2/11 @ 9 am 1/21 @ 7 pm March April 3/10 @ 9 am 4/11 @ 10 am (CANCELLED-Virus - Annual Mtg.) 3/17 @ 7 pm 4/14 @ 9 am May June 5/12 @ 9 am 6/9 @ 9 am 5/19 @ 7 pm (CANCELLED due to virus) July August 7/14 @ 9 am 8/11 @ 9 am 7/21 @ 7 pm (limited seating) September October 9/8 @ 9 am 10/13 @ 9 am 9/15 @ 7 pm November December 11/10 @ 9 am 12/8 @ 9 am 11/17 @ 7 pm

Colington Harbour is a private gated subdivision situated in the heart of the Outer Banks. With over 2,400 lots, the “Harbour” is also the largest, and serves as home to a thriving boating community featuring miles of canals and scenic sound front homes along the beautiful Albemarle Sound.

Originally developed as a mix of retirement and vacation cottages, the Harbour has grown into the permanent residence for thousands of families and children galore. The deep water canals, ideal location, and friendly faces of our residents have made our community one of the premier destinations along the Atlantic coast.

Amenities within our neighborhood include a huge sound side park with sandy beaches, a playground, and sheltered picnic areas, a basketball court, as well as a kayak rack, boat launch and boat slips for rent. For a nominal fee, residents may also join the Yacht and Racket Club, which allows use of the two outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and community clubhouse.

As a reminder, throughout the year, please always abide by the Parks’s rules.