Welcome to the Colington Harbour Marketplace – A FREE Service!

HINT – Please remember to scroll down through the sale pages to see all items that are listed.
This is an area where you, as a Colington Harbour resident in good standing, can list items for sale, items wanted, or services needed, FREE. In addition, you can browse items for sale, items wanted, and services needed by Colington Harbour community members.
Rules and Regulations for Listings:
– Person placing the ad must be a member (lot owner(s), in good standing, of the Colington Harbour Community.
– Ads will be limited to 2-3 lines of text only. We can now accept 1-2 pictures (see instructions in form below).
– Ads must include a phone number, text number, or an email.
– No names or addresses will be permitted in the ads.
– Ads will remain on the CHA Marketplace for approximately 3 weeks, unless requested by the person placing the ad to be removed.
– No ads for any commercial entities/businesses will be permitted.

All ads will be screened for spelling errors, inappropriate content, etc. If an ad is not acceptable, the CHA Marketplace Manager will notify you directly of the reason(s), giving you the option to make the appropriate correction(s).

HINT – Please remember to scroll down through the sale pages to see all items that are listed.


– To have your advertisement removed from the CHA Marketplace, please send an email to: CHA Marketplace, with a request to remove or modify your advertisement. Thank you.


We are experiencing issues with the CHA Marketplace Form email function. If you wish to place an ad in the Marketplace, please send your request directly to: CHA Marketplace. Please include your first name, last name, email, phone number, CHA section number, and a description for the ad. You can also include 1-2 pictures of the item.

To list your item or service, please use the form, to the right, below.