Building Permit and Lot Modification Permit forms should be submitted to the CHA office for approval by the ACC before any clearing, grading or modification of the lot has begun.
The ACC meets monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 9:00 am.

Building Permit

All requests for approval of construction must be submitted on ACC Form 1, Building Permit, signed by the property owner and his/her contractor. Requests must contain the following minimum information and technical data:

(a) Name, address, and phone number of owner and contractor.

(b) Identification of Section and Lot number(s).

(c) One copy of a certified survey site plan prepared by a Registered Surveyor. It must be to scale and must show location of the proposed structure, all existing structures (if any), distance from the set-back lines, dimensions of structures, location of driveway, parking pad, and drain field (new or existing). Plats for groins, jetties, docks, piers and swim platforms must show location of construction and dimensions, and location of existing similar structures on the property, on adjacent properties, on property on the opposite side of the canals which are ninety (90) feet in width or less, and the approximate width of the canal. Plats for bulkhead repair or replacement must show location of construction and dimensions to scale.

(d) One copy of drawing to scale for all new home construction showing dimensions, floor plans and front, side and rear elevations. Construction drawings which include dimensions and elevations (if applicable) are sufficient for all other types of structures. Photos and dimensions are acceptable for mobile homes.

(e) No metal structure other than mobile homes in Sections W and X  are permitted. All construction materials must conform to the North Carolina Building Code.

Lot Modification Permit

Click here to download the ‘Lot Modification Permit’, ACC Form 2:  Lot Modification Permit