Maintenance Yard

EFFECTIVE, SINCE 6/12/2019 – The Colington Maintenance Yard will no longer be able to except trash or debris, either by drop off or pick up by our maintenance team.

This decision, made by the CHA Board of Directors, is based on Dare County informing the CHA that, in addition to the present tipping fee charge of $65/ton, they would now require us to purchase the dumpsters for $5,500 each.  In addition, they added a $225 trip cost to pick up the dumpsters, empty them, and return them to the yard.

Colington Harbour will continue with the recently initiated ATX Limb/Branch Removal program twice a year.

Residents of Colington Harbour can dispose of certain items at the KDH Recycle Center, located at 701 Bermuda Bay Boulevard.  Click here for details: 

Maintenance Team

  • Pat Card – Maintenance Supervisor
  • Mike Bowling
  • Jim Roberts