Maintenance Yard

Update 8/2015
Dare County is now charging the Association $65/a ton for the commercial bins that are in the Maintenance Yard, so unfortunately we have had to change the fees charged. The discretion of maintenance yard staff will determine if fees differ due to weight and load. Please don’t take any frustrations you may have on this out on our maintenance staff, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Association office at (252) 441-5886.

FALL/WINTER YARD HOURS (Effective September 28, 2019)

Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

SPRING/SUMMER YARD HOURS: (Effective April 2, 2019)

Tuesday 11:00am- 2:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm

  • Miscellaneous Materials = $5.00 a load
  • Full sized pickup truck load = $10.00 a load
  • Materials with trailer, exceeding truck sized load = $15.00 a load

We now offer on-site pickup to all Colington Harbour residents in good standing for a minimum fee of $25. Call the Colington Harbour office at (252) 441-5886 to schedule a pickup.

Colington Harbour operates a maintenance yard available to residents to drop off a wide variety of items, while Dare County offers a regular large item curbside pickup service.  Click here to review a list of acceptable items and restrictions.

The Colington Harbour maintenance yard is located at :  2012 Colington Road.
Maintenance yard p
hone: (252) 441-4026

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • A valid Colington Harbour decal is required when dropping off material.
  • Please do not place items for the county large item pickup at the roadside until the day before pickup day.  If the county does not take an item placed at the roadside, it has been rejected and must be disposed of at your expense.
  • Neither the county large item pickup nor the CHA maintenance yard accept commercial construction scraps (e.g. lumber, drywall, etc.), lot clearing items (e.g. stumps, large branches, etc.), or other prohibited items.  Only small items of scrap lumber, metal or yard debris are accepted by the maintenance yard.
  • Trash items must be transported to the maintenance yard by residents only, unless you do not have the means to transport them.  You may contact Maintenance, at (252) 599-0520, to arrange for maintenance staff to transport items for a nominal fee.

Maintenance Team

  • Pat Card
  • Jim Roberts
  • Kevin Offutt